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apple tree yoga

Yoga lends itself to a visual curriculum, with postures inspired by nature and familiar objects

Yoga offers tools for improving physical strength, flexibility & balance (using both sides of the body)

The non-competitive nature of yoga creates opportunities for every child to feel successful

Yoga helps to increase self-confidence
and self-awareness.

Yoga teaches children how to control their bodies, how to breathe, to focus and to relax

Yoga teaches children simple sequential tasks and a routine, with sessions starting and ending the same way

Yoga helps children to observe their body
and how it feels when they move

Anxiety, hyperactivity, insecurity and anxiety can all be addressed through yoga

Yoga helps to improve self-esteem
through stories and storytelling

Concentrating the mind on the rhythm of breathing helps focus attention.

Yoga encourages mindfulness in contrast to many other forms of exercise because it directs attention to the body, breath and feelings in each posture

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